Thursday, May 31, 2012

"You are awesome!"

You are awesome. Three little words that no one could ever get tired of hearing I'm sure, but by the same token are not used enough.

My story begins with a back story (as my stories usually do) since we are close to closing our first home, I needed some stuff printed out from our bank account and I had to actually go down to the bank. The reason I had to physically make the trek is because my wonderful husband refuses to do online banking, he doesn't trust it and will not hear anything to the contrary. So away to the bank I went with both of my crazy boys.

At the bank, I waited a while and my little guy was asleep but promptly woke up thirty seconds before I was called to be attended to (seriously his timing is impeccable!). So needless to say my boys were running around the WHOLE time we were there, playing pirates, avengers and just shooting in general. We had been playing 20 questions as she "updated my profile" and about halfway through my time there the lady helping me said "you are awesome." I was kind of taken aback I just kind of sheepishly smiled to the side, I have never been one that is good at getting compliments to begin with but in that moment I have to say that I felt a little creeped out. She looked at me again and said "I'm serious you are awesome, you know that right?" And she looked at me with a sort of surprised expression as if she was genuinely expecting me to say thanks and toot my own horn. I said "thank you" and I realized how amazing it felt to have someone genuinely think that about me after meeting me for a half an hour and with my kids running a muck in the bank pretty much that entire time.

So thank you bank lady, you really made my day and made me realize that I am amazing and it is ok to think that and it doesn't make me a cocky jerk. I think every now and then we all need a little bit of reminding of how amazing we are....

I googled contentment and this was the first image that I loved, found here.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Return of the Blogger

So I have been extremely MIA lately from blogging which makes me sad. I love reading blogs and was very excited about having my own as a way to document things in my life and as a therapeutic release of sorts. There is something so soothing about sitting down and getting out some of the thoughts that are otherwise banging around inside my head.

Well I have decided that for my sanity and by default the sanity of my family that I should get back to doing things that I love. This year in particular my New Year's resolution was to make this year a selfish year. I know that sounds awful but as a wife and mother to a 6 year old and an almost three year old, I never put myself first, so this year I decided that would change. Now it has not been a drastic change or anything but I have enjoyed taking time to do little things for myself here and there so I figure in keeping with that I should get back to blogging which I also love to do. I do not have a whole bunch of time in general to do things for myself, especially since I work a lot as well, but I am determined to fit it in somehow, only time will tell I guess.

A lot has happened in the past year since my last post, my boogs is now 6 and my no nos is terrible two's to the max! This August will mark 7 years that I have been married to the love of my life. But the most exciting thing that has happened thus far is that my hubby and I have just bought our first home! And while it is not our dream home yet, it has every bit of potential to be, it is a fixer-upper in the sense that it was built in the 80's and still has most of that 80's "charm" in terms of tile and what not. We are looking forward to making it our own through the years but I am absolutely in love with it, hopefully in the next week we will be moving in and I can blog from my new digs! :)

So hopefully you will hear from me soon...

This is a great shot of my three boys at the beach in the middle of December of last year, this is one reason why I love Southern California, Winter Beach Days :)