Monday, June 3, 2013

April 2013 at an Instagram Glance

I know, I know, it is already June. Where has the time gone??? The phrase so much to do, so little time does not even begin to describe my life lately. I have mentioned before that I am a teacher and I finished work a week ago so I was very busy with wrapping the end of the school year up and then it has just been one thing after another after that. 

So here is my very belated April at an Instagram glance post. I love going back through my Instagram pictures and re-living those moments. Most of my pictures have to do with my kids and I have realized in doing this that I very rarely have photos of myself on there! I guess I am not too keen on staring at myself haha. 

My mom always hates that my boys don't get to go out for spring break (because mine is at a different time than theirs) so she scheduled a trip to the LA Zoo for them :)

One day my mom took the boys to the park and I met her there and snapped this pic

Cheering on our Angels!!

A very rare shot of me on Instagram (gasp!) with my little guy at the game

My older boy sporting a red vine mustache at the game (he loves that I am ok with him having them at games), notice my hubby is not amused haha :)

Baseball season was in full swing at this point, I snapped this shot at an indoor training facility where my older son's team was playing, he is wearing number 18

We had a bad bout with bees in front of our house and our cat was extremely interested when the exterminator stopped by

My boy celebrating a baseball win one day :) can you tell he was happy??

Hope you enjoyed this Insta-update, look forward to May at an Instagram glance soon!

Happy Monday :)

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