Monday, June 21, 2010

Cake Time Fun

I have a lot of back-blogging to do because I have had a very busy month to say the least. Now though, I have committed myself to making up for lost blogging time (as much as I can with two small kids running around).

The first stop on my quest to make up for lost time is a blog about birthday cakes. Every year for my sons birthday, I make him a special cake just for himself at his birthday parties. This year he wanted a skateboarding party so I decided to make a skateboard cake using fondant. I have never used fondant before so i decided to have a trial run (which proved to be a very good idea!).

The first thing I did was make a chocolate cake and cut it into somewhat of a skateboard form. This admittedly did not go as well as I wanted, but it was a trial after all. This is what it looked like.

My next step was to frost the cake and that looked as follows...

I know, I know, who hasn't seen a frosted cake before right? But I had the picture so I figured I might as well use it.

Now it was about 9:30 verging on 10:00 at night at this point and I was mighty surprised when a little helper emerged out of the shadows of the living room. It was the birthday boy himself, so I could not say no to a little bit of help from my favorite kitchen helper. I was getting ready to roll out the fondant and he insisted on having a piece for himself, he then began ripping it into tiny little pieces and telling me not to touch his "mini pizzas."

My next step was to color the fondant using black coloring to get a gray skateboard-ish color and roll it out. I then covered the cake with it. The coloring wasn't as I had expected but I was in fear that my hands would stay dyed for weeks so that was as good as it was going to get (on top of the fact that it was already past my bed time - not to mention my helper's bed time).

Here is that little helper of mine smoothing out the fondant and eating some of his "pizzas." Yes it didn't take him too long to figure out that fondant is a fancy way of saying sugar :).

After I convinced him to stop I snapped a quick picture of the cake.

My last step was to cut out some skateboard logos for the cake. Because my son is so obsessed with Rob Dyrdeck and his fantasy factory show, he is also obsessed with DC. So using some of the left over white fondant I cut out some DC logos and this is what I ended up with....

For the cake for his big day, i made some adjustments: I made it skinnier and I also added screws to the top and this is what the cake looked like on his big day. I had a blast and it will definitely not be my last adventure with fondant.

Here are the birthday boy and his baby brother with the cake.

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