Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farmer's Market Fun

Where we live I am fortunate enough to have access to three farmer's markets that run on a weekly basis. As I get more into the habit of planning out my food menu for a week (I'm not going to lie this is still a struggle) I love the idea of buying as much of that menu as possible from local growers. I have to admit that one of the markets has too much of a "commercial" feel to it and I would probably only go there if I was really desperate for something. The other two are great for different things, I love the produce at both, I prefer the flowers from one more than the other, one of them will sometimes have fresh seafood (swoon!), I prefer the bread from one, and the one I went to yesterday I love for the fresh herbs and selection of succulents.

Here is my oldest son pushing my younger son in the stroller, he begged me saying that he is old enough now that he just turned 6 :) he sold me when he promised he wouldn't run into anything.

 The aforementioned succulents, I am so making a terrarium using these this summer!

My little one playing with an old cell phone in front of the flowers (not the selection I prefer, the other market has more unique looking flowers, but notice the bunch in my bag!)

I love this random picture I took of my son in front of an empty store front downtown, I especially love that you can see my little one in the reflection of the window.

My farmer's market haul, admittedly not the biggest (due to lack of planning my meals for the week) I mainly wanted to go to get fresh carrots for a carrot cake and I LOVED the ones I got they were huge and delicious. I also got some eggs, a few cookies for my boys, lemon pepper seasoning and flowers.

So the flowers are not the most amazing but I am a sucker for fresh flowers, I usually love to get the ones that are on clearance at Fresh and Easy because with the flower food they come with they will still usually last a week to two weeks. Also, since my husband can not buy flowers without going all out (going to the florist and paying obscene amounts of money for a dozen roses, he was literally shocked at the sticker price on a dozen roses the first time he looked at a supermarket!) it works out better for me if I buy them myself.

And speaking of Fresh and Easy, at the end of the year last year/beginning of this year (my memory is foggy) I bought this vase there on clearance for around $4! It is a little chipped but you can barely tell, I don't mind and I still love it anyways :)

Well I guess that is all for now, very excited to post more tomorrow! Hope your weekends were as great as mine was.

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