Saturday, June 2, 2012

Third Time's a Charm

I can be a very absent-minded person at times. I wasn't always this way, I SWEAR, it seemed to get worse each time I got pregnant and it has kind of lingered around and every now and then annoys me.

Like this week, I washed a load of towels (mostly my kids' towels) only to realize the next morning that I never put them in the dryer. So I washed them again and put them in the dryer, only to find out later that I never turned the dryer ON! So I washed them again for the third time this morning and luckily the third time was a charm for me! I am truly a dork, but it did give me a good opportunity to laugh at myself today which oddly enough I don't think I do enough of.

Above is a picture of the aforementioned load of laundry. And in the background my bright pink laundry room walls (one of the many things I will miss when we move out of our house)

I am very excited for upcoming blog posts, I have several planned:
~my boys and I took a trip to one of our local farmer's markets
~I made a very cool craft project that I don't think I will EVER stop talking about
~I made some delicious Brazilian carrot cupcakes!

 So far it has been a busy weekend and it is only Saturday night and the good news is that I am feeling accomplished and happy :)

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