Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Time Homebuyers!!

So I have not been blogging because I have not had five minutes to myself...until now! (correction, when all was said and done it took me several hours to finish this post because of various interruptions)

A lot has changed in my life these days, my husband and I have purchased our first home!! I am bursting with joy and happiness and so thrilled that words can't even begin to describe. So needless to say there will be many a home related post in the future. It is an older home (built in the 80's) and I think that was the last time anything has been done to it. Before we moved in we just wanted to recarpet and 2 weeks later the house is still "under construction" :) and it probably will be for many years to come.

Although I don't have the best before pictures because things happened so quickly so, you will have to bear with me on that, I am excited to share some before and after shots. On another note, I have been obsessed with Jen's blog I Heart Organizing and on her blog she has shown pictures of reader's pantries that look like this and this. Things in clear jars and labeled so beautifully and they got my inspired to make my pantry look prettier (now that I actually have a pantry!).

It all started with a trip to the local dollar tree where I found these colorful tubs (that I am planning on using for snacks and things) and these smaller glass jars. I figured I didn't want to buy much else until I was in the space more.

Then I got inspired by this blog on Honey We're Home about spice jars that she purchased at crate and barrel (I don't have one that close to me). But I was at World Market (seriously LOVE that place) and found these small spice jars for $1 each. I bought all the jars they had (15 total) and they look almost identical to the other jars! And I also picked up a deoderizer for the fridge (because it was purple and cute) and a green glass bottle for my olive oil and a small wooden jar for salt. Although I have a salt shaker I wanted something I could put my kosher salt into for easy access when I cook, and lastly I had been thinking that I wanted to do a nautical them in our hallway bathroom. It is the bathroom that our boys will use and will also serve as a guest bath so I didn't want to much of a kid theme in there (like mickey mouse, toy story or spongebob) so when I saw this soap and lotion dispenser I knew they would be perfect!

On a side note my husband totally made fun of me when I showed him the soap and lotion and was excited. His response? "Who cares?! I have never walked into a bathroom at someone's house and said 'I really like that soap thing' or 'I really like how they decorated' now if they have nice tile that's something to notice." He just doesn't appreciate the little things like I do :)

Also at World Market I found this huge ball of rope that I loved but didn't want to shell out the money for just yet and the hook anchor, they are in the back of my mind but I wasn't ready to commit until I have the space more completed.

Also on a recent trip to target I bought a couple of things, again keeping a nautical theme in mind I bought that shell plate and two paper boxes with ribbon handles in the dollar section. Then in the bath section I bought the soap dispenser (before I bought the other soap dispenser oops!) and a round jar (I think these were on clearance). I am thinking of trying a DIY project with the jar so we will see how that goes.

So excited for all the possibilities of our new house! :)
I hope everyone has a great week!

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