Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, I guess my first post here should really be one of explanation. My name is Bianca and I am a wife (been married for 41/2 amazing years) and I am a mom to two boys that are my whole world (my oldest is going to be 4 in May and my baby is 7 months).

Perhaps the first question on your mind if you are reading this is what the heck does "monk and crock" mean?? A valid question, allow me to explain here:
While dating my husband we stumbled upon these nicknames for each other, I will start with mine (because it is the easiest to explain). I have always had a real love for stuffed animal monkeys, I just love the little suckers! So my husband (boyfriend at the time) would always buy me some or win me some at theme parks or carnivals. Gradually this turned into him calling me "monk." Now for his nickname, when we were dating he really enjoyed watching wrestling (WWE) and his favorite wrestler was the rock. There was one day when we were watching together that another wrestler came out making fun of the rock and called himself "the crock." After that day he would just bust out with a "the crock" at a random moment. So now that you are no doubt bored, there you have it!

Now for a little about this blog of mine:
Basically I think this will be a place to jot down whatever is going on in my mind. My mind races about a hundred miles a minute any given day of the week and sometimes I just need an outlet to talk about things like marriage, motherhood, relationships, make-up, clothes, cooking, whatever happens to be the topic of the day. So here we go, thanks in advance for joining me for the ride!

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