Friday, April 2, 2010

The quest for the holy grail....

I have noticed much mention of "holy grail" make up items in the blog/youtube community and it got me to thinking, what are my holy grail items? Do I have any?

Well the answer is I have one holy grail mascara under my belt and that mascara is...

Diorshow, by well Dior. I loooove this mascara and can not say enough good things about it, I especially love the enormous wand (which some people don't care too much for). I first got this mascara a couple of years ago when my mom bought it for me in Las Vegas (everytime they would go to Vegas I would print out a wish list from Sephora for my mom, complete with pictures :) ). So it was free but at $24, I repurchased it only a couple of times but now that I have 2 kids (and I'm not technically getting paid for working at the moment) I have since been on the hunt for a cheaper alternative.

I tried Maybeline's Great Lash and I hate it, even though I hate to waste make up, I'll admit that I threw this one away before I finished the bottle. It gave me terrible raccoon eyes (which only highlight my already dark circles!), I really hated the wand and I also hated the way my eyelashes looked after application, we just didn't see eye to eye (pardon the pun).

So since then I have been using Maybeline Full 'N Soft...
Honestly, I am not too fond of it either, I still get raccoon eyes and I feel like I am just all over the place when I apply it and it seems like I have to run the wand through my lashes a bunch of times to get the look I want (something I really don't have the time to do in the mornings while I get 2 kids ready). But it isn't HORRIBLE, so I am using up the bottle before I buy another. I am thinking of trying Great Lash next but I'm still not sure.
As far as foundations go, I used to use Youngblood (a bare minerals type of makeup) but then I decided I wanted my skin tone to be more even. So I bought MAC's tinted moisturizer (mistake #1), then when I started breaking out I bought MAC's studio fix fluid (mistake #2 that I am still paying for!!).
Way back in high school I tried MAC foundations and they broke me out, stupidly I thought I was older now and that wouldn't happen because my skin was different now. Well I still have acne that has never gone away since then :( and before this I rarely got acne and when I did it would be one or two pimples at a time. Although my skin has improved since then, I still hate that I hav acne.
I have since tried an array of foundations in search of the right amount of coverage and what not (and I have been dissapointed every time). The second to last foundation I used being KORRES Wild Rose Foundation...

I really liked this foundation overall, but I could never work it in properly enough to provide me the coverage that I want. Also, it didn't last as long as I would have liked (but honestly no foundation I have ever tried does).

Once that ran out I decided to see what I got recommended to try at Sephora and it was...

Make up forever HD, I tried it on in the store and I liked it, I figured I would bring it back if I really hated it. It's OK, not my favorite but certainly not the worst thing I have ever used, it doesn't give me as much coverage as I would like and most of the time I feel like I really have to work it in to not look streaky (maybe I really need to work on my technique here haha). So I decided to go ahead and use up the bottle, before I buy another one, mostly because I was too lazy to make the journey to return it. I have no idea what I am going to get next but I want to try something that is more hydrating because I have very dry skin.

So my search continues....for now :)

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